MyRivr Makes Access To Social Service Providers Easy For All Kiwi's
MyRivr is a Self-Referral App that tracks your referral status in real-time 
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MyRivr Gives You Instant Access To Your Nearest Education Provider - Instantly
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MyRivr is a FREE community service app for all Kiwi's from our youngest to our oldest - We Care!
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MyRivr Community App
MyRivr was born out of a vision to  make access to Social Services easier for everyday New Zealanders

The MyRivr App combines self-help referral functions with cutting edge technology so ordinary users can find the help they need.
Referrals are pushed out to the nearest Social Service Providers who meet the user's criteria by automatically matching the 'best fit' and then by tracking the status of the referral, MyRivr keeps the user informed of their case file so they gain control over what is often a daunting, out of control experience.

In cases where a Social Service Provider is over-subscribed, MyRivr will reroute the referral to the next 'best fit' provider closest to  the users place of residence 
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Meet The People Behind MyRivr
Robert Perelini
Elia Chan
Enoka Ah Loe
What's New At MyRivr
MyRivr invited to present community app to Westpac Innovation Assessment Board
Westpac Director of IAAS, Simon Rogerson and GTS Senior Manager Nathan Richardson recently extended an invitation to present MyRivr Community App to Westpac Banks Rapid Innovation Assessment Board... READ
MyRivr invited to present Rivr to NZ Police Rapid Innovation Assessment Board
Since our inception, RIVR has been touted as an enablement tool for use by frontline police who interact with some of our most at risk communities. On a daily basis, frontline police referrals make up the majority of New Zealand's referrals to social service providers... READ
Corefusion re-brands as MyRivr
MyRivr was selected as a natural fit with RIVR and so it was decided to begin the rebranding of MASA and Corefusion... READ
Corefusion appoints a new director
Experienced business owner and advisor, Matt Jull's consulting practice has been responsible for advising a wide range of industry groups and leaders in financial, strategy and governance matters. December 2016 the shareholders voted to appoint Matt as an independent director of parent company... READ