What's New At MyRivr
MyRivr invited to present community app to Westpac Innovation Assessment Board
Westpac Director of IAAS, Simon Rogerson and GTS Senior Manager Nathan Richardson recently extended an invitation to present MyRivr Community App to Westpac Banks Rapid Innovation Assessment Board... READ
MyRivr invited to present Rivr to NZ Police Rapid Innovation Assessment Board
Since our inception, RIVR has been touted as an enablement tool for use by frontline police who interact with some of our most at risk communities. On a daily basis, frontline police referrals make up the majority of New Zealand's referrals to social service providers... READ
Corefusion re-brands as MyRivr
MyRivr was selected as a natural fit with RIVR and so it was decided to begin the rebranding of MASA and Corefusion... READ
Corefusion appoints a new director
Experienced business owner and advisor, Matt Jull's consulting practice has been responsible for advising a wide range of industry groups and leaders in financial, strategy and governance matters. December 2016 the shareholders voted to appoint Matt as an independent director of parent company... READ
Corefusion Named NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards Finalists

It was a stunning night put on by an amazing organisation, the incomparable  Sustainable Business Network, their sponsors including longtime supporters and Principle Partners, NZI
Corefusion were there, well represented by five of our team and partners too, to celebrate sustainable business practices and a new breed of entrepreneurs and their teams, who care as much about their communities and our planet as they are passionate about ... READ

New Zealand Rugby League Endorses MASA

It never ceases to amaze, but perhaps we shouldn't be surprised, at how excited people get when they catch the vision of what MASA does and how it can help their organisation, help their people. Meeting with New Zealand Rugby League was no different, Jacob Cameron, GM - Community, had this to say about MASA "I was astounded by the scope of the app and the possibilities that could be applied for many of the NZRL community programmes... READ

Corefusion wins Innovation Award

The success of Pacific businesses in New Zealand has been celebrated with an awards ceremony in Auckland this week. 
The Corefusion team were there, nominated by the Pacific Business Trust Chair Tino Pereira for the MASA app

MASA is a unique app that enables people to... READ

Corefusion receives Letter of Endorsement from ACC (Injury Prevention Road) for MASA
Corefusion Director Elia Chan meet with representatives of ACC and received a Letter of Endorsement from Stuart Ross, Injury Prevention Portfolio Manager - Road. Stuart's impressions of MASA and its benefit to prevention initiatives are aptly... READ
National MP Alfred Ngaro endorses MASA
National MP Alfred Ngaro presented us with a Letter of Endorsement in February 2016. In it Minister Ngaro, refers to MASA as an "enabler" that "aligns with the governments Social investment strategy as outlined in the Treasury... READ
MASA is Born out of South Auckland Field Tests 
Corefusion began developments of the Multi Agency Services Application (MASA) in late 2015. MASA has been designed to allocate and track referrals generated from front line Police staff’s interactions with members of the New Zealand public and past onto... READ