Corefusion Rebrands as MyRivr

Since the formation of Corefusion in 2015 and the development of the MASA app, there has been much talk about the direction of our strategic plan and how our two brands best summed up what we represented.

The board felt that the name Corefusion had run its course and while MASA, which is an acronym for Multi Agency Services Application, was understandable once explained to people, the two brands didn't best represent who we are and what we do.

The question of our brand lead us to a chance meeting with branding expert Christopher Wilson

Through a series of discussions, Christopher and his team presented us with a concept of information streams merging into rivers and the RIVR brand was born which comfortably replaced the MASA brand.

Our attention then turned to our yet unnamed community app, this community app is the real reason for Corefusion's existence and the lynchpin of our vision to enable all New Zealand communities greater access to social services.

MyRivr was selected as a natural fit with RIVR and so it was decided to begin the rebranding of MASA and Corefusion