MASA is Born out of South Auckland Field Tests 
Corefusion began developments of the Multi Agency Services Application (MASA) in late 2015. MASA has been designed to allocate and track referrals generated from front line Police staff’s interactions with members of the New Zealand public and past onto the appropriate Social Service Providers (SSP).

A pilot of MASA was conducted with 12 Police Officers across Counties Manukau District Central and Counties Manukau District East across all workgroups including Family Violence, NPT, Youth Aide, Road Policing etc. The pilot resulted in 868 referrals past to Social Service Providers.

As a demonstration of the tracking capabilities that MASA provides, 473 of these referrals remained in “Pending” status, 327 referrals were “Approved” by the SSP and 68 referrals were “Declined”. As a function of MASA, referrals that are not “approved”, or picked up by the SSP, are then re-routed to the next appropriate SSP

On the back of these results, Corefusion and the Counties Manukau District Police received a number of acknowledgements of support from NZPHQ including from the likes of Commissioner Mike Bush, Supt. Wallace Haumaha and Supt. Jevon McSkimming.