New Zealand Rugby League Endorses MASA

It never ceases to amaze, but perhaps we shouldn't be surprised, at how excited people get when they catch the vision of what MASA does and how it can help their organisation, help their people.

Meeting with the New Zealand Rugby League was no different, Jacob Cameron, GM - Community, had this to say about MASA "I was astounded by the scope of the app and the possibilities that could be applied for many of the NZRL community programmes"

Mr Cameron went on to say "NZRL Community has received investment from five Crown agencies, including the Police, to undertake social engagement in rugby league communities that will help build and strengthen community hubs. The MASA app will allow for better connectedness and further support the leaders in our clubs to help their whanau and participant base."

Learn more about NZRL Community Values here

"One of the key issues that we see is the need for our volunteers, coaches and managers to have the ability to assist when they are approached by players with an issue. Using MASA, these volunteers will be able to show a ‘duty of care’ approach without becoming immersed in every players personal issues. They will be able to guide those in need towards professional support and ensure that the organisation has followed up with their referral.

This is just one example of how MASA could provide care and support of rugby league participants. There are 
many more and for that I completely endorse the app and programme designers."

The NZRL now eagerly await the launch of our community version of MASA  as a Roll Out Partner with Corefusion

A full statement of the NZRL Endorsement can be downloaded here