At MYRIVR Technologies we have the vision to enable communities to get the help that they need, when and where they need it. Deploying technology to help enterprise and government organisations to more efficiently and effectively meet community service's needs.


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Hey guys just sending a quick message of great work with this app!!....I've been in the Police almost 9 years and currently working in youth development perfect tool for me. I haven't had a proper test drive yet but initial thoughts are this is very cool, I was googling if anyone had made an app for all social services and you guys popped up first! Nice work


What a fantastic app I suffer anxiety and depression PTSD and I love this the hardest time of year is coming up Christmas and New Year

Kawhena Howard Marshall

This is bloody brilliant.. it's the most handiest app there is if you are someone like me and has found trouble with navigating the system.. amazing. Thank you guys for this brilliant idea so easy and fast!!!


Kia Ora team love this APP have been thinking this should have been created for ages. Looking at using it in new youth engagement role. I would love it if this APP had it in the advanced search ages specific and gender specific searches. Thanks for your work with this one.

Haki Ani TePaea

I'm convinced & impressed with this app because it showed all the services that are available, I am totally excited with connecting Whānau with the help they need. Thank you MYRIVR

Noa Pitovao

Hello all, I have just signed up and already with what I have seen and the potential that this app can provide is a game changer, especially in this time of need. Congratulations and welldone to you all for creating a forum that enables connection to everyone!! I can not wait to share this app to my colleagues. p.s. are all contacts current and up to date with Covid-19, would be my only query?

Teremoana Manu

I just want to acknowledge the Food Parcel that I requested on MyRIVR was delivered promptly which I am very grateful of.Thank you MYRIVR for this great apps! Thank you also to St Mark's the organization who supported me with our food parcel. God Bless.

Great initiative for local community services. Can be easily used by all ages with easy to find services found by location & need. A must have.

Clare Jay

Amazing App guys!! Love the concept! Thank you for sharing with our wider community. A wonderful tool I will be using regularly.

Ann-Marie Luke

A much needed APP for easy access to medical and community services. Thank you MYRIVR team!

Goss Sietu

A conscious effort by people who are concerned about our communities wee being. stay blessed.

Jayshree Mannie

Well done to Rei and the entire team at MYRIVR for an outstanding mobile app that's now a game changer in social services!

Sy Lagaaia

Finally, an APP that has pulled together all the funded and non funded social and health services together, in an easy way AND we can also rate how good that service is. Please share and lets all get this APP downloaded on all our phones. MVOA ❤

David Tua

This app is a light for those in dark times. Making it easy to find the help that you need, when asking for it can be tough.

Peter Josephs

So excited by this much-needed app. The feedback is so inspiring and everyone in NZ should know about it!

Alison Brook

Brilliant! This is THE tool for our communities. There has never been a more important time get this information out there.

Brent Rice